Student Testimonials

Meet Our Graduates

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Felicia Class of 2017

“I want to make an impact by showing that education can truly transform your life and that if you don’t allow yourself to be limited then your future is limitless. My accomplishments and triumphs are a triumph for all young girls that have been told to shrink themselves and not be the biggest version of themselves.”

Amanda Class of 2017

“I want to help other women meet and surpass their potential and see there is so much more in them and for them to do. I want them to not only see but truly believe that they are more than the labels placed on them by society and the judicial system.” 

Gail Class of 2017

“I feel like anything is possible. Even when there may be obstacles, I know that if I work hard enough, there will be people who support me. I know I am able to understand concepts that allow me to be actively engaged in conversations that impact policies and laws. I see myself 30 years from now-as an old lady, who continues to educate herself-because I’ve realized there’s so much to learn about and we can never know enough.”

Ginger Class of 2017

“Our self talk is our biggest barrier. I told myself I’m not smart enough or intelligent enough to do college. I felt less than the other girls in the class. I just started telling myself I can do this. I am sitting in this class right now so I am smart enough to be here! Don’t compare yourself to others… You can and will do it!”

Candace Class of 2017

“My biggest goal is to create a new life for myself. FEPPS has aided me with this by offering classes, getting my AA, but, most importantly, in building my confidence that I can be more than I was and do better than I ever have before.”

Jannie Class of 2017

“The most rewarding part of being in FEPPS is having people who believe in you and want to see you succeed!! FEPPS gives hope to
people and allows us to put in the necessary footwork to grow not only as individuals but as a whole by empowering each other.”

Alyssa Class of 2016

“As a student, I am motivated not just by my desire to earn a degree, but by being in the classroom with other people who are accepting the challenge with me. When all of us reach that “Aha!” moment together, it’s like a second wind when I’m running. The moment you realize, I can do this! I AM doing this!”

Lenore Class of 2016

“I finally feel good about me. I have tasted success, in prison. I have my associate degree and that’s just the beginning. I have four years left, and pray and hope to continue to achieve a bachelor’s degree while I’m incarcerated… I have spoken to women in here who ask me, ‘How can I achieve success?’ I tell them the first step is education. Strive to better yourself and stay focused on the desired outcome. You can do it.”


“Education has played such a major part in transforming an incarcerated individual’s worth of themselves and what they can offer the world. Limiting the chance to earn a college degree while incarcerated also is unsupportive of the change that the justice system craves from incarcerated individuals.”


“Being in FEPPS has brightened my days here and has given me an optimistic outlook. I have something to fall back on, and I’ll have that when I get out. It gives me something positive to look forward to every day. We’re making our time work for us, we’re not just staying stagnant.”