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FEPPS students are making an impact within prison and upon their release. Check here for student and alumni interviews, writing and updates.

Students and Alumni 2

Spotlight —Adrianna Taylor

In 2012 I had the opportunity to take a college level course through Freedom Education Project Puget Sound while incarcerated at WCCW. When the word spread that actual college courses would be available, I jumped at the chance.

For an hour in Introduction to Comparative Religion I was allowed to just be a person and not an offender. The class ended up being one of the deciding factors for me to return to school. Instead of following my dreams and the wishes of my loved ones, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t capable of taking college level courses. When my professor told me that my papers were beyond worthy I felt like she was just saying these things because she didn’t want to tell us how stupid we were and how we were just prisoners with no real hope in life. I honestly believed these terrible things.

Upon release I received a scholarship from the Rotary of Gig Harbor and the Pride Foundation.  I work full-time as a manager at

I graduated from Bellevue College in June 2015 with High Honors, and I am transferring to the University of Washington to pursue my BA in Sociology.

—Adrianna Taylor