Annual Report and Publications


With your help, in 2015 FEPPS students earned 919 credits, our volunteers gave 8096 hours, and Pacific Northwest faculty provided 1600 classroom hours! Your generosity made a huge impact on our work. Thank you.

2015 Annual Report

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Washington Library Association Journal published an article by FEPPS faculty member Shireen Deboo in the June, 2016 summer edition of Alki. Professor Deboo teaches Introduction to Research to students at WCCW, which is a challenging course as incarcerated students do not have internet access. When she’s not at WCCW, she is a librarian at North Seattle College, and has been working in the library sciences for over a decade. When reflecting on her students, Shireen says, “I love the level of engagement that students had, it's much higher than my campus students. They want to learn, they ask questions, they show appreciation.” You can read her article on page 27 of Alki or by following this link.

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